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1 september 2022

Rotterdam, the Netherlands
1st of September 2022,

ORANGE FREEZING™ announced cooperation with DEIGHTON MANUFACTURING U.K.Limited, world’s leading company in industrial forming, battering, breading, frying and cooking equipment with international experience within the convenience food industries.
We are honored to share that today we agreed a partnership agreement with DEIGHTON MANUFACTURING U.K. Limited , an experienced global renewable line supplying company that holds a strong position in United States, England,European, Latin American, Russian, Australian and Far East markets.
The ORANGE FREEZING™ team has a track record of delivering over 300 of freezer projects, mainly spiral freezers, IQF freezers and Carton Box Freezers.
We, as ORANGE FREEZING™ share a vision with DEIGHTON of how to make the renewable line supply and development more open, scalable and efficient.

The partnership was set up in order to prepare both DEIGHTON as ORANGE FREEZING™ for launching complete lines including forming, battering, breading, frying, cooking and freezing out of one hand, the DEIGHTON-ORANGE Platform.
The core competence of both companies is the development and constant improvement of smaller and medium size convenience food production lines. They currently have a portfolio of new projects under development in United States, Europe, Latin America, Far East, Russia, as well as the MENA region.

The collaboration between ORANGE FREEZING™ and DEIGHTON has kicked off with a lot of positive energy and excitement about working together on bringing new, innovative solution to the market that would democratize and level up the entire global convenience food processing industries
Exciting times! Stay tuned