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ORANGE FREEZING™ launch new Contact Freezer

5 november 2022

Rotterdam, the Netherlands
5th of November 2022,

Great innovation!

ORANGE FREEZING™ developed a brand new system for the global frozen food industry.

The system combines the highest degree of individual quick skin freezing with supreme freezing flexibility.

The unique cold plate design, in combination with teflon belting, reduces weight and drip loss, guaranteeing a higher yield, as well as minimizing freezing time for products with maximum hygiene including integrated CIP system/ belt washer.

ORANGE FREEZING™ Contact Freezer can also operate as pre-skin freezer for Spiral Freezers and Impingement Freezers.

Some new highlights:

❄ Hygienic design and optimum cleaning facilities including integrated belt washer.

❄ Teflon belting with quick action release.