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ORANGEFREEZING Expanding into Poland

1 juni 2023

Rotterdam, the Netherlands
June 1st, 2023
ORANGEFREEZING™  announces amazing news!

The company is expanding facilities into Poland and will be able to offer Polish customers and clients focused attention to their demands.

ORANGEFREEZING™  will have their representation offices in Warschau, Poland in order to handle all Polish projects and after sales services, as of June 1, 2023

ORANGEFREEZING™ proudly present the Orangefreezing Solutions freezer portfolio designed by our customer’s demands for production of premium frozen products to highest international standards on quality and food safety.

The high yields and low operation costs significantly increase ORANGEFREEZING™  customer’s profitability.

ORANGEFREEZING™ company history and experiences go back to the early eighties, always based in the Netherlands with a strong flying dutchman mentality, active worldwide.

Since the start of the company activities in the eighties, some 400 industrial freezers have been delivered to customers worldwide.

Today ORANGEFREEZING™ is a leading company with a full range of specialized and customer-orientated freezers.

With a range of innovative freezers, ORANGEFREEZING™  supports the global food industry with cost-efficient and high-quality solutions, for perfectly fresh-frozen products.

The ORANGEFREEZING™  portfolio represents the most innovative IQF technology available on the market today.

This embodies the company vision of giving everybody, everywhere, access to excellent fresh-frozen food.

We want to welcome the Polish frozen food industry to ORANGEFREEZING™  and will be more than happy to handle all requests.

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