Contact Freezers

❄ Highest degree of individual quick skin freezing    ❄ Minimized freezing time    ❄ Unique cold plate design    ❄ Innovative housing    ❄ Freestanding, modular design    ❄ Easy operating panel    ❄ Optimum HACCP design    ❄ Perfectly frozen products    ❄ Reduced weight & drip loss    ❄ Higher yield

The ORANGEFREEZING™ contact freezers combines the highest degree of individual quick skin freezing quality with supreme freezing flexibility. The unique cold plate design reduces weight and drip loss, guaranteeing a higher yield as well as minimizing the freezing time for the products. The ORANGEFREEZING™ contact freezers can also operate as a pre-skin freezer.

Contact Freezers Applications




Bacon Strips

Hygienic design

The ORANGEFREEZING™ contact freezers are fully stainless steel welded, meeting the highest hygiene standards.

Saving time, space and money

Each ORANGEFREEZING™ contact freezer consists of a fully welded framework that is mounted on adjustable feet, eliminating the need for a concrete base and hence keeping installation time, and costs, to a minimum. It is quick and easy to disconnect, re-locate and re-connect. Giving you extra manufacturing flexibility.

Custom designed

The ORANGEFREEZING™ engineering team will custom design your ORANGEFREEZING™ contact freezer to exact specifications in line with your particular requirements, taking the characteristics of your products, the layout of your food production line and your manufacturing facilities into account.

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