Carton Box Freezers

❄ Efficient    ❄ Energy-Saving    ❄ Quality    ❄ Versatile    ❄ Safe

❄ Custom-made design     ❄ Perfectly frozen products

❄ Automated    ❄ Easy operating panel ❄ Sorting Systems

❄ High performance fans  ❄ Palletising

❄ Optimal aerodynamics    ❄ Freezing zones    ❄ High capacity coils


Because of the unique design of air-flow from the ORANGEFREEZING™  Carton Box Freezer it will reduce further labour process and weight loss. This results in an increase in production and lower labour costs.



The ORANGEFREEZING™ Carton Box Freezer is highly adaptable if it comes to different sorts of packaging and food. The chill and freeze function of the machine is adaptable to all possible kinds of food and packaging.

Carton Box Freezers Applications





Efficient freezing

The ORANGEFREEZING™ Carton Box Freezer’s unique horizontal airflow design maintains the same air temperature and air speed throughout all levels, minimising retention time for the boxes that are to be frozen and reducing weight loss to guarantee a higher yield while saving energy costs too. Also reduces work load and saves labour costs.

Custom-made Freezing

ORANGEFREEZING™ Carton Box Freezers can handle all kinds of food products which require chilling or freezing, such as convenience food and ready-meals, snacks, ice cream, cheese, desserts, red meat, chicken and poultry, pork, seafood, fruit and vegetables, and pasta. The freezers and chillers can also handle every type of packaging, including carton boxes, crates, trays and containers of any kind in bulk.

Designed with safety in mind

All full safety features are standard with every ORANGEFREEZING™ Carton Box Freezers. Access is restricted, and all external drives guarded, whenever an access door opens. Further safety devices include emergency stop buttons, lockout procedures, safety switches and other detection devices.

Custom-made processing

ORANGEFREEZING™ individually designs and custom builds your system in line with your current and future food processing requirements. Production capacity ranges from 4 tons to 40 tons per hour.

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