Spiral systems

❄ Innovative housing    ❄ Freestanding, modular design    ❄ Easy operating panel    ❄ High performance fans

❄ Optimal aerodynamics    ❄ Freezing zones    ❄ High capacity coils  ❄ IQF

❄ Clean in place, optimum HACCP design    ❄ Perfectly frozen products

The unique concept that meets the highest hygiene standards is the way to our success. Each ORANGE FREEZING™  spiral freezer consists of a stainless steel, insulated floor and stainless steel walls and ceiling on the inside, equipped with a fully welded spiral framework and evaporator. In this way, Orange Freezing created the most ideal hygiene concept in which installation time is reduced to an absolute minimum.


To further increase the hygiene level and to simplify maintenance, all bearings and drives are placed outside the unit. Therefore, no heat is added from the motor into the cooling enclosure.

Spiral Systems Applications

Puff Pastry







The ORANGE FREEZING™ spiral freezer is mounted on adjustable feet and, therefore, a concrete base and floor heating system is no longer required, saving precious installation time and money.


Relocating an ORANGE FREEZING™ spiral freezer is easily achieved. Simply disconnecting the services to the system, moving it to your required position and then reconnecting it.


Our unique Opti Flow horizontal airflow design maintains the same air temperature and air speed throughout all tiers and reduces weight loss, guaranteeing a higher yield.

With the ORANGE FREEZING™ Opti Flow horizontal airflow system, retention time for the products that are to be frozen is minimized.

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