Spiral Systems

Tailored to every unique situation. From poultry to raw dough. We ensure the spiral freezer is the best solution in every situation.

Carton Box Freezers

Minimize retention time, weight loss and energy costs. Our freezer maintains the same air temperature and speed for the best quality.

Impingement Freezers

Meet the strictest hygiene requirements. Our freezer allows to freeze food as quick as possible, minimizing dehydration loss.

IQF Freezers

The highest degree of individual quick-skin freezing combined with supreme freezing flexibility. A one of a kind IQF freezer solution.

Contact Freezers

The highest degree of individual quick skin freezing quality with supreme freezing flexibility.

Automatic Plate Freezer

Revolutionize your freezing process with our automatic freezer. Using contact freezing, it delivers top-quality results for a wide range of packaging. Trusted for decades, it’s a cornerstone of the frozen products market.