Plate Freezers

❄ Innovative housing   ❄ fully automatically ❄ rapid freezing times for large capacities

❄ Minimizes energy consumption ❄ minimize operating expenses

❄ Best frozen quality ❄ Minimal Space ❄ Reduced footprint

❄ Kit of defrost valves, with electrical panel  ❄ Block temperature measuring system.

❄ Vertical plate freezer with automatic unloading system ❄ Flat bottoms ❄ Hydraulic system with electrical operation.

The  ORANGEFREEZING™ Automatic Plate Freezer utilizes the highly efficient contact freezing technique to quickly freeze items within boxes, trays, cartons, or similar packaging.


Its longstanding reputation and innovative functioning provide frozen products exceptional qualities and has been maintained in the market for decades.

Plate Freezers Applications

Ready Mealts





Optimized Efficiency

The ORANGEFREEZING™ Automatic Plate Freezer system outperforms all others with significantly reduced operating costs by 50%. Its streamlined design accommodates substantial freezing capacities can achieve as much as 430 kg/h per square meter.

The ORANGEFREEZING™ Automatic Plate Freezer has a unique feature which the direct contact between the product and the freezing plates which facilitates swift heat dissipation. Moreover, the model’s automatic features define it as a robust freezing system that can be effortlessly integrated into any production line.



A comprehensive selection of purpose-built accessories has been crafted to render the ORANGEFREEZING™ automatic plate freezer the most versatile automatic plate freezer in the industry.



Elaborated Technology

The ORANGEFREEZING™ Automatic Plate Freezer includes automatic functions that can reduce working times, eliminating the need for constant monitoring. The benefit of this system is that it can be adjusted to the pace of each production line.

Furthermore, the ORANGEFREEZING™ Automatic Plate Freezer enables uninterrupted production, typically requiring less defrosting.

Vertical Plate Freezers

ORANGEFREEZING™  Vertical Plate freezers operate through direct contact between the product and the freezing plates, which contain an internal refrigerant system. Designed to freeze large quantities of bulk products swiftly and efficiently, vertical plate freezers offer significant cost advantages, including reduced initial investment, lower energy consumption, and minimal space requirements.

ORANGEFREEZING™ provides economical and energy-efficient freezing equipment manufactured in the EU. Our products are built with high-quality materials and a durable design, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Handling Large Quantities

ORANGEFREEZING™  Vertical plate freezers are designed for efficient bulk freezing with low energy and handling costs. Products can be loaded directly without trays, using various bulk handling methods. This results in well-defined, easy-to-handle frozen blocks, optimizing storage and palletizing.

We offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs, including the number of stations, block sizes, and refrigerant types. Our standard models feature an integrated hydraulic pump, with the option for separate delivery.

Horizontal Plate Freezer

ORANGEFREEZING™  Horizontal plate freezers utilize direct contact between the product and refrigerant-cooled plates, ensuring rapid and efficient freezing. This method allows for high-capacity freezing with reduced initial investment, lower energy use, and space efficiency.

Our plate freezing technology is faster than air-based systems and maintains product quality by preventing dehydration and weight loss, preserving the internal structure of the frozen goods.

Best Quality

ORANGEFREEZING™   Horizontal Plate Freezers are ideal for freezing products in metallic trays, whether loose, bagged, or packed in wax cartons. They create uniform, high-quality frozen blocks with minimal energy use.

These freezers offer versatility, accommodating trays of various sizes within the same cycle, provided the plate distance is sufficient and tray thickness is consistent.

We provide custom solutions tailored to specific needs, including the number of stations, plate dimensions, plate spacing, and refrigerant types, suitable for both land-based operations and onboard vessels.

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