“Our company is situated in Castellterçol, Spain, in 2010 we began the production of iqf convenience foods such as chickenwings, salades, croquetta and ready meals.

Due to limited supply of fresh services in our region, we planned the construction of a plant to process chilled chicken ready meals and other products. Our main product is ready meals and we plan to incorporate chilled fresh chicken and ready meals products. We have traveled to different parts of the world to see the chilling technology available.

After seeing the Orange Freezing spiral chillers in operation in several places, our expectations were high when ordering an Orange Spiral Chiller. With the challenge of being the first company in our country to use this cutting-edge technology we were excited when the team from Orange Freezing came to install the spiral chillers. Everything ran very smoothly including the communication between our companies.

The production started and the process of in-depth knowledge of the Orange Spiral chillers began. We discussed operating parameters to obtain the best possible chilling of our chicken products. When the project started I became fully convinced that we had made the right decision. Everything that was promised came true, performance, efficiency, energy savings, operational savings of wages, etc. Moreover product quality achieved is exceptional!

First impressions:

Ease of start-up

Washing is easy and efficient

Improved appearance of the product once frozen

Service implementation and after-sales staff is highly qualified

Products made completely individual and separated

Operation and programing by type of products very easy and fast

The chillers are compact and is silent during operation

All of the above summarizes that we are extremely pleased to have invested in this technology. Furthermore our customers are happy to buy a high quality product. ”


Mr. Carlos Molist

CasaMas Alimentation SL

Castellterçol Spain